ERP Integration: Which Internal IT Systems Can Benefit the Most?

Having multiple siloed IT systems can be detrimental to your company’s success. Here, we discuss how ERP integration can help you automate processes and gain meaningful insights into your business data.

Streamlining your business processes is essential for maintaining a good flow of communication across the enterprise. No matter what size your company is, it’s easy for important data to slip through the net when you have several front and back-office IT systems that provide different business services. Integrating them with your ERP software will not only help automate some basic processes and enable seamless data sharing between the applications, but it will also provide access to invaluable real-time data and insights for effective decision-making.

Which Internal Systems to Integrate?

Every one of your business channels is important, but equally, many of them will need to communicate with each other to be most effective. Connecting and synchronising various functions and their IT systems with ERP will ensure that consistent information is shared between them. This, in turn, will create a single source of accurate data that all departments within a company can access.

So, which internal systems will benefit the most from this? Here are just some of the types of ERP integrations for you to consider:

Human Resources

There’s a lot of information that falls under HR and it must be handled properly. Managing employees’ onboarding, holidays, sickness, training and other activities can be complex for large organisations. Integrating your HR software with an ERP system ensures that, even if you expand, downsize, move or rebrand, you will have access to all of the critical information you require. HR administration can also be made a whole lot easier when it’s already integrated into an ERP system like in the case of Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365FO and its HR module.


When it comes to sales, you need to be on the ball if you want to secure new clients and retain the existing ones. While your company might already have a CRM solution in place to simplify customer interactions, only by integrating it with your ERP software you can truly unlock the full potential of both platforms. The benefits here are numerous: the elimination of customer data duplication, better employee collaboration, improved productivity through sales and marketing workflows automation, and (most importantly) gaining a complete, unified view of your customers. An efficient sales department, which has access to all the information it needs to make optimal sales decisions, is the way forward to increase profitability and create more upsell opportunities.


eCommerce has become as important, if not more important, than physical shops for businesses across the globe. If your company has an online store, ERP integration allows for one system which can track all incoming orders and analyse sales and customer data. Further integration with inventory management software will help monitor stock levels and ensure order fulfillment. This holistic approach provides end-to-end visibility of your key business processes and can give you a crucial edge in a cut-throat market.

Customer Service

Keeping your customers and clients happy should always be a top priority. With your customer service applications linked to enterprise resource planning, you can see actionable insights that will improve the way you interact with customers. Monitor your average handle time, use real-time context cues to find solutions and track success against key performance indicators. Improved customer service leads to better customer retention and, therefore, increased profitability as a result.

ICS: Microsoft Dynamics ERP Integration Experts For Your Business

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