Five Ways an ERP System Could Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

Here, we look at how an ERP system can help strengthen your bond with customers and grow your business.

The global business landscape is a diverse environment. Commerce permeates through every echelon of society and politics, from the top to the bottom. However, although the aims of individual businesses are manifold, there’s one well-known phrase that should ring true for almost every business institution: “The customer is always right.” Customer relationships are essential for the success of any organisation. They require hard work and consistency to uphold.

Investing in an ERP system is just one way to protect your customer relationships in a changing world. Here, we look at how an ERP system can help strengthen your bond with customers and grow your business.

An ERP System Gives You Better Insight Into Your Customers

A tried and tested method for gaining and retaining customers is to know them inside and out. An ERP system allows you to analyse buying patterns, sales information and accounts to know your customers better. ERP software places this information at your fingertips so you can tailor your service to accommodate your customers’ needs.

ERP Integration Provides Real-Time Oversight To Make Your Customer Service More Agile

There’s little more frustrating for customers than sluggish and ineffective customer service. During customer communication, speed, accuracy and knowledge are crucial for efficient customer care. With ERP solutions, your employees have all the tools and information they require to resolve customer queries in real-time. An ERP system ensures that no more outdated information passes on to clients and queries can be resolved at the first point of contact.

ERP Solutions Improve Inventory Management

We’ve all felt the frustration of looking for a product online, only for it to be listed as out of stock. ERP solutions can improve inventory management to reduce disappointment for clients. By analysing order history, ERP systems can predict customer demand to ensure the most popular products are always available.

Loyalty Discounts Are Seamlessly Attributed With an ERP System

Rewarding loyal clients with a product discount is a popular way to retain customers. By implementing an ERP solution, businesses can gather customer data to assess customers who have been long-term supporters. Doing so can seamlessly attribute discounts to these customers based on predetermined hallmarks of customer loyalty. If a customer spends X during X period, you can have oversight and immediately send them a reward for their support.

ERP Integration Can Speed Up Check-Out and Delivery Times

As ERP solutions provide comprehensive oversight of all relevant business and sales data, check-out and delivery times are enhanced for customers. With ERP integration, account, product and delivery information synergises to improve the customer experience.

Improve Your Customer Relationships With ERP Consulting Services From ICS

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