How Cloud-based ERP Systems Can Support Business Scalability

The benefits of cloud-hosted ERP systems are countless, but how can ERP be used to support commercial scalability? Here are three major uses to consider.

Scaling a business is anything but an overnight process. Whether your commercial objectives are to open a new branch of your brick and mortar retail establishment or introduce your business to overseas markets, it requires time, money and energy to make sure your commercial processes and practices are truly scalable. With this in mind, it is perhaps unsurprising that almost 60% of scale-up business leaders fear failure during the expansion process.

Investing in a cloud-based ERP system is often touted as one of the most effective ways to ensure efficient scalability, and a carefully planned implementation can help to guide sustainable commercial growth. Here are three major ways that cloud-based ERP systems could support the scaling up of an emerging business.

Three Major Ways That Cloud-based ERP Systems Help Businesses to Scale Up

They Keep Data Accessible From One Centralised Database

No matter your commercial growth goals, being able to access your business’s data from any environment in real-time is essential to preventing operational downtime. This is one of the major benefits of implementing cloud-based ERP software, which stores and presents data from all departments and branches on one centralised database.

Imagine that you are opening a new branch of your retail business in another part of the country. With a cloud-based ERP system, you have the flexibility to access all of your business’s financial data from your new location, without investing in additional infrastructure. This simplicity can help to protect your business against some of the pitfalls of commercial expansion, such as lost time and money.

They Allow Better Insight Into Consumer Behaviour and Market Changes

Before you can scale up, you need to know whether there exists enough customer demand for your company’s products and services. If you expand your business prematurely, without data-driven evidence that a target market is there to facilitate healthy growth, you leave your company vulnerable to collapse.

This is another area where cloud-based ERP solutions can support your long-term growth objectives. By allowing you to track and analyse consumer behaviours and market changes in real-time, ERP software makes it possible to identify lucrative target markets and predict the financial outcomes of tapping into them.

With evidenced insight into consumer behaviour, you can make informed decisions about which products and services to continue offering, the locations that provide the most opportunity for commercial growth and whether it’s financially viable to tap into new markets.

They Make It Possible to Take Your Business Global

Going global is the ultimate example of successful commercial scalability. If you can introduce your business model to completely new customers and markets without compromising on the quality of your products and services, you have the potential to benefit from exponential profit growth. But, how can cloud-hosted ERP systems help?

With an integrated ERP system, your employees can share, present and access data without language barriers hindering day-to-day communication. What’s more, you can configure ERP systems to take care of accountancy processes according to the specific tax regulations of the country you are operating in; helping to make sure that your business stays compliant.

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