How Could an ERP System Improve Your Business’s Communication?

Improving your business’s internal communication processes can save valuable time, money and employee energy – and here’s how an ERP system could help.

The importance of streamlining your business’s internal communication processes cannot be overstated. Poor communication, once described by Harvard Business Review as the “silent killer” of large companies, can be detrimental to businesses across every industry. This is especially true of those that operate across multiple branches or rely on an agile supply chain.

Improving internal communication is one of the unique selling points of enterprise resource planning software, with many businesses investing in ERP systems for this very purpose. Here, we take a closer look at how a fully integrated ERP system could help to optimise your company’s communicative approach.

Three Ways an ERP System Could Improve Your Internal Communication

They Allow Transparency Across All Areas of a Business

As your business grows, so will your team of employees – and this is where poor communication can begin to pose a threat to the stability of your company. Even seemingly minor inefficiencies, such as neglecting to update the wider business of a small client request, can set you back in time and cost you money.

This is where ERP systems play a vital role. A fully integrated enterprise resource planning solution offers total transparency across every team, department and branch of a business. This means that employees from across the world can access company-specific data from one central location.

With a multifunctional ERP system, your employees (those with the right access level, of course) can easily view, analyse and edit reports, financial data and consumer profiles – without the risk of information getting lost in translation.

They Update Company-wide Data in Real-time

Traditionally, large companies have relied upon telephone and email communication to share important data and company updates – but ERP solutions have revolutionised this aspect of business. With a fully integrated system, it is now possible to view and track data in real-time, without the need to manually communicate every little update.

This means that an employee in London could analyse the monthly sales figures of a company’s New York branch as soon as they are available, rather than waiting for someone to process and share the information via email. In this example alone, it is clear that being able to access important data – without accounting for busy work schedules and differing time zones – is invaluable.

The nature of ERP software means that common threats to operational efficiencies, such as employee absenteeism and human error, are significantly less likely to cause large-scale communication breakdowns.

They Present Data and Information Wherever Your Employees Are

Most recent versions of popular ERP solutions are fully optimized for multiple platforms, devices, and mobile apps allowing your employees to access the system regardless of their location. This is certainly useful if you have a large mobile workforce of sales reps or customer care professionals. Also, we see that the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the shift towards new ways of working and more and more companies are now opting to keep remote work option even after the pandemic is over. In these new realities, such modern ERP systems make it easier for your remote workers to have access to all the necessary information wherever and whenever they need it, thus improving internal communication and collaboration even further and keeping any disruptions in work processes to a minimum.

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