How to Drive Business Success in 2021 with an ERP System

Drive your business forward in 2021 and beyond with customised ERP solutions from the Microsoft-certified developers and consultants at ICS.

The end of 2020 is quickly approaching, and with a new year just around the corner, now is the time to reflect on the successes and losses of the last 12 months to set business objectives for 2021. Whether you have recently undergone an ERP implementation or you are weighing up the pros and cons of investing in digital transformation software, consider some of the ways you could drive business success in 2021 with an ERP system.

Use Real-Time Financial Insights to Recover From Losses

2020 has been a difficult year for businesses everywhere. If your business has suffered significant losses as a result of this year’s uncertainty, kickstart the foundations of sustainable regrowth with help from your ERP system. Take advantage of its data-tracking functionalities to assess the financial strength of your business before creating a long-term strategy.

In addition to helping your business recover from its losses, financial planning can help you protect your business against future eventualities. Interpreting real-time insights and using predictive analytics will allow you to make smart decisions about the future of your company through 2021 and beyond.

Take Advantage of CRM Functionalities to Improve Your Customer Experience

Finding new ways to improve your customer experience and foster strong customer relationships should always be part of your commercial strategy. Customer loyalty can take your business to new heights, so use this time to plan how your business will keep consumer satisfaction and retention high.

The CRM functionalities of your chosen ERP system can help you take a proactive approach towards this, allowing you to personalise employee-client interactions and resolve complaints quickly and easily. Having access to customer insights will also permit you to thank long-term customers with bespoke rewards.

Open Up Communication Between Departments With Fully-Integrated ERP Solutions

Improving interdepartmental communication within a business can streamline commercial operations and protect your supply chain from delays and disruptions. If the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed weaknesses in the communication between your employees, departments and customers, it’s time to implement fully-integrated ERP solutions to your supply chain.

Whether you work in B2C retail or B2B manufacturing, making sure everything from your transport management system to your customer relationship management software is accessible from one, centralised database will be key to success in 2021.

Drive Your Business Forward with ERP Customisation and Consulting Services from ICS

Now is the time to make powerful decisions for the future of your business – but you don’t need to work alone. If you’re looking for specialist developers and consultants to customise, implement and manage a successful ERP system, look no further than ICS. Specialising in Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365FO implementations, we are proud to be industry leaders in our field. Contact the ICS team to learn more about our ERP development and consulting services today.