Oversee Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

At ICS, our ERP services are designed to improve your operations. Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O can help you oversee each area of your business.

Viewing your business on a macro scale as well as ensuring that the finer details are in check will keep everything running smoothly. However, if you don’t have an efficient system in place, overseeing your performance will be a much harder task than it needs to be. So, what’s the solution? Well, investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (D365FO) can provide the solution you need.

Why is business visibility important?

If you want your company to succeed then you need to pay close attention to the entire scope of your business. From sales to HR, ensuring that every department is thriving will help you grow at a steady pace and prevent underlying issues from being overlooked. With a professional ERP system, you’ll have the most important data at your fingertips so you can plan, improve and maintain all of your operations.

What data can you oversee with D365FO?

The great thing about Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O is that the innovative system works around your business needs. You can view both qualitative and quantitative data on one platform without the hassle of switching between different portals so your most important applications are covered.

The type of data you can oversee includes:

  • Financial information including revenue, expenses and gross income from around the world.
  • Supply chain data including stock levels, real-time manufacturing changes, material sourcing, logistics and more.
  • HR information including department headcounts, holiday requests, workforce demographics and other personal details.
  • Customer service timelines including your average resolution time, common issues, active cases and quantifiable stats about your current and outstanding queries.

ERP is not limited to these areas. Depending on your applications and business type, D365FO can provide an endless amount of data and trends when each application works together.

How can overseeing business insights improve your operations?

When you can oversee all areas of your business, it is much easier to see what you’re doing right and what needs to be improved upon.

Using ERP for your insights and analytics will benefit your business in the following ways:

  • By merging your systems into one user-friendly platform you can see clear relationships across the board.
  • AI allows you to spot trends and therefore prevent ongoing issues before they occur.
  • You can identify which direction your business is going and this will provide greater control over your operations.
  • With more visibility of spending, it’s easier to save money and make financial plans for the future.

At ICS, we specialise in a full cycle of services for the implementation, customisation and integration of Dynamics ERP solutions in the enterprise. If you would like greater visibility of your business, we have the expertise to find the right solution for you, no matter what industry you’re in. Get in touch with us today for more information.