The Benefits of ERP Systems for the Manufacturing Industry – Part 1

Learn more about the many benefits of using an ERP system in the manufacturing industry, including increased productivity and boosted profits.

The manufacturing industry plays a massive role in every country's economy. In the UK alone, for example, it generated a whopping £396.6 billion in product sales in 2019 and accounts for 17.41% of the UK’s GDP. In order to remain competitive though, businesses involved in the manufacturing sector must invest in advanced technologies to make their production and supply chain processes as efficient and profitable as possible.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management (previously known collectively as Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations) have many benefits for the manufacturing industry, helping to streamline operations and maximise productivity. So how exactly can these ERP systems transform the manufacturing landscape? See below for just some of the benefits they can bring to your enterprise.

Optimise supply chain operations

Applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management (D365SCM) help businesses optimise their supply chain operations with ease. Data from sales, suppliers, order fulfilment, product performance and customer service can all be input into an intelligent system so the information is stored in one place. MS Dynamics 365 ERP applications allow manufacturers to collect, integrate and visualise global supply chain data, gaining better visibility into every area of their operations. Businesses can also create more accurate schedules, forecasts, and budgets to help maximise efficiency and cut down on wasted time and resources.

Increase employee productivity

Employees are key when it comes to improving productivity. Dynamics 365 ERP applications can be used to streamline operations and ensure that employees are working as efficiently as possible.

An ERP system helps employees to streamline project setup processes, improve and automate resource scheduling and oversee project timeline. You can also manage budgets, expenses and invoices, and collaborate efficiently with team members across your company.

Boost profitability

Optimising supply chain operations and increasing employee productivity is often done with one common aim in mind – boosting profits. An ERP system gives manufacturing businesses the tools they need to make their production operations more efficient and profitable.

Applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance (D365F) offer reach functionality to enhance decision making, protect revenue, mitigate risks, and reduce costs. From intelligent budgeting and forecasting to streamlined revenue recognition, there are plenty of tools to help businesses boost their profits.

Improve customer experiences

Technology allows companies to connect and communicate with their customers like never before and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is no exception. D365 suit has many business applications to enhance the customer experience and allow manufacturers to improve their customer service.

Having all business and customer data in a single system means that companies can answer queries as quickly as possible. D365 platform also allows manufacturers to respond and adapt to any changes at any point in the cycle, from pushing through rush orders to updating or editing orders during the production process. There’s also predictive analysis and intelligent reporting, allowing you to predict and respond to the needs of customers ahead of the game.

ICS: Microsoft Dynamics ERP Experts for the Manufacturing Sector

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