The Benefits of Hiring an ERP Consultant

If you’re planning an ERP implementation or looking to customise some of the existing modules, consider hiring a dedicated ERP consultant to take advantage of these time and money-saving benefits.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help businesses in industries ranging from manufacturing to retail boost performance, optimise essential processes, simplify decision-making and reduce operational costs. Implementing an ERP system could be a great investment for your business, but unfortunately, ERP failure rates are high amongst unprepared organisations. Companies that are eager to choose, implement and manage an ERP system without the assistance of a dedicated ERP consultant could face problems such as overrun deadlines and overstretched budgets.

To give your ERP implementation the best chance of success, we recommend hiring established ERP consultants who fully understand the enterprise resource planning solutions available and can help you make sensible, sustainable and profitable business decisions. Some of the main benefits of hiring an ERP consultant are:

ERP Consultants Can Help You Understand Your Options

There is a plethora of ERP systems available on the market today, each offering different capabilities which may or may not be useful to your business. If you don’t fully understand the differences between various platforms, then you might make decisions that don’t serve your business well. Working with a dedicated ERP consultant can help you make sense of the options available to you to find the most appropriate solution for your business requirements, instead of investing time and money into a system that won’t optimise performance or, in the worst case scenario, severely disrupt your operations and customer service.

ERP Consultants Can Manage Your Expectations

Managing your expectations is a key part of implementing a successful ERP project! It’s important to have a clear understanding of the benefits your business might reap without expecting more than your budget or deadline allows. Working with an experienced ERP consultant can help you set realistic objectives tailored to your commercial needs and manage any expectations that might set your implementation up for failure.

ERP Consultants Have First-Hand Experience in ERP Implementations

A great ERP consultant will have years of experience in implementing and managing successful ERP projects and will be able to use this expertise to help you track and meet your business’ key performance indicators. Industry-leading ERP consultants don’t just help with the actual implementation; they offer an end-to-end project management and consulting service. This allows your business to benefit from tailored advice regarding software modules and functionality, budgetary restrictions and project performance.

ERP Consultants Can Prevent and Manage Implementation Risks

There are always risks to consider when implementing enterprise resource planning software. An established ERP consultant will be able to help you identify potential problems and prevent them before they develop to protect your business against financial setbacks and downtime.

It is estimated that in 65% of cases where ERP projects go over budget, it is because the system needed to be modified to improve its usability. Yet, the companies surveyed only identified this issue after the ERP software had been implemented. Working with an ERP consultant can prevent costly issues like this to keep your project on track and help you get the best results from your implementation.

For Great Results, Choose the Microsoft-certified Developers and ERP Consultants at ICS

To discuss the benefits of hiring an ERP consultant for your implementation, please don’t hesitate to contact the ICS team today. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are well-equipped to manage your Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365FO implementation from start to finish and customise the system for your business needs.