What is a Transportation Management System?

Transportation management systems allow companies to maximise performance while elevating their customer experience and driving cost efficiencies. Here’s how.

For businesses within the manufacturing and logistics industries, transportation management systems (TMS) offer an efficient solution to tracking the transportation and distribution aspect of a supply chain. Once implemented, transportation management systems facilitate better communication between every step of the chain, from the moment cargo leaves the warehouse to the moment it arrives at its destination. TMS software allows users to track fleets, predict delivery times, monitor shipments and much more to ensure a seamless end-to-end transportation solution.

How Companies Benefit From TMS Software

Ultimately, TMS software makes it possible to maximise fleet performance without negatively affecting customer experience or profit margins. Companies can use TMS software to simplify employee workflow while ensuring timely deliveries and driving cost efficiencies. The ability to track valuable metrics in real time also allows users to proactively prevent issues (such as shipping delays or lost inventory) and take a responsive approach towards evolving customer expectations.

With a transportation management system, companies can:

  • Plan the quickest transportation routes using optimised route planning software;
  • Choose routes that avoid tolls, low tunnels and weight-restricted bridges;
  • Track shipping schedules and the arrival of cargo at shipping ports;
  • Monitor freight forwarders to ensure timely deliveries;
  • Communicate with drivers and other delivery personnel to identify setbacks;
  • Prevent and manage problems such as lost cargo;
  • Foster positive customer relationships by ensuring on-time deliveries.

In effect, TMS software can simplify and automate many essential processes for optimum transport network management.

The Future of Transport Network Management and TMS Software

The events of 2020 and 2021 have seen supply chains across the globe face extra pressure, with surges in online deliveries and new health and hygiene regulations causing noticeable ripples throughout the transportation and distribution process. As a result, many companies have sought new ways to remain agile and resilient in the face of unpredictable changes. For many manufacturers, distributors and courier services, using TMS software to simplify transport network management has been the best solution.

The global demand for agile supply chains has also encouraged manufacturers and logistics operators to move away from dedicated TMS systems towards fully-integrated ERP solutions. With leading ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (D365SCM), customers can use Transportation Management module alongside Warehouse Management module for a comprehensive solution.

At ICS, we’re proud to have developed an exciting Dynamics add-on solution – [ICS] Transportation Package – to offer our clients the benefits of fully-integrated TMS software with added functionalities. Features included in the Package expand the standard functionality of D365SCM Transportation Management module to provide an even more adaptive solution to some of the key challenges faced by the manufacturing and logistics industries.

In creating this Package, our developers and consultants have made it possible for companies to achieve considerable reduction in their route planning time, greatly simplify their workflow processes, and decrease their overall transportation costs – all with a set of easy-to-use add-on tools.

Learn More About [ICS] Transportation Package Today

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