Why Your Warehouse Needs an ERP System

Integrating a cloud-based ERP system to your warehouse operation can provide you with a crucial advantage. In this post, we investigate how.

For retailers and logistics organisations, warehouse efficiency and productivity are paramount. Without a slick and smooth warehouse operation, delivery timescales, inventory management and customer satisfaction can fall dramatically. Most customers won’t think about what is going on in a warehouse, but they will certainly feel the impact if there is inefficiency at any level of the supply chain. Integrating a cloud-based ERP system to your warehouse operation can provide you with some crucial advantages; here’s how.

An ERP System For Your Warehouse Provides Better Inventory Management Oversight

One of the most important processes for any warehouse is inventory management. Rotating and transporting perishable inventory effectively and ensuring you have a healthy surplus of popular products protects your bottom line. If a product suddenly spikes in popularity, and you had no accurate data to foresee this trend, you could be losing profit.

With a cloud-based ERP system for your warehouse, you have all of the customer habit and sales data at your fingertips to be ahead of the curve. With better inventory management, you can ensure the steady flow of inventory from the warehouse to the customer.

Warehouse ERP Integration Gives You Transparency Over Supply Chain Management

With ERP integration across your supply chain, you can share details of your inventory with suppliers - backed by customer buying trends and sales data – to predict when you will need your next delivery. ERP solutions help to create a seamless supply chain with reduced delays and optimal efficiency.

When You Need To Grow, ERP Solutions Provide a Bedrock For Scalability

For a warehouse or retail operation to grow, it needs to have a firm understanding of all the relevant data. ERP integration provides a bedrock of understanding so that you can clearly strategise for business growth. As well as providing the relevant data in real-time, cloud-based ERP solutions can be quickly scaled-up to meet rising pressure on the supply-chain from increases in inventory size.

Warehouse Productivity is Improved With ERP Integration

A warehouse lives or dies by the level of productivity and efficiency it operates at. With advanced ERP solutions for warehouse management, employees will be able to get more out of their activities. From a management level, changes in direction and adaptations can be made in real-time, backed up by the data. From top to bottom, ERP integration improves warehouse productivity.

ICS Specialises In ERP System Integration and Consultation

Specialising in Microsoft D365 implementation services, ICS are industry leaders in ERP integration and consultation. As a warehouse operator, you may require consultation for both the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and D365 for Supply Chain Management solutions. ICS provides expert assistance on both fronts and also develops its own Dynamics add-ons (like [ICS] Warehouse Package) to help businesses optimise their day-to-day warehouse operations.

Working with a wide range of clients, we can provide the necessary expertise to improve your business. Contact the team at ICS to learn more about implementing ERP solutions for your business today.