ICS Named Top Consulting Firm in Belarus

Our awards list keeps growing as Industry Consulting Service makes it into the Clutch’s ranking of the top 10 IT & Business Services companies in Belarus based on clients' reviews and feedback.

JULY 20, 2020 – When you have been in business as long as we have, you get to develop some pretty close connections with your customers. In relationships like those, you cannot hide your motivations and weaknesses from your partners, even if you want to. That is why many companies can find quick success, but many fewer are able to sustain those relationships over the years.

At ICS, we are immensely proud of the long-term relationships we have build over the years with our clients. Here we could talk about the excellent services we offer and the unprecedented level of commitment that we devote to each client, but it might be more sincere just to let those clients do the talking. That's exactly what Clutch.co does by gathering verified, case study-like customer feedback to put together its listings of top B2B vendors. We are honored that our clients saw fit to rank us among the top IT & Business Services providers in Belarus.

One in particular, Norsk Hydro – our customer of over 4 years – had only positive things to say: “Despite our challenges during the project, their project management was impressive. They kept all of our deadlines, the quality was excellent, and their readiness to react in the face of new requirements or unexpected issues was instantaneous.”

Our CEO Vitali Polyakovski is delighted with this recognition: “We are very honored to be among the top B2B companies recognized by Clutch. This award comes in a year riddled with challenges from the global economic downturn, but also marked by some great achievements and new developments for ICS. We are grateful to Clutch for their work and this recognition, and we thank all our clients for their ongoing collaboration and support. Special thanks also go to our amazing team that always goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional value and results for our customers.”

If you have any outstanding ERP challenges you would like to address and need a proven technology partner, know that we are not only up to the task, but we will have your back for however long you need us. So reach out to our team! We can’t wait to get started.