[ICS] Transportation Package: Advanced Demo Session

Be sure to take advantage of our offer: a free-of-charge 2-hour live demo presentation of our Transportation Package’s functionality with a configuration as close as possible to your company’s business.

Back in June 2020, we proudly presented our first product – [ICS] Transportation Package, a suite of powerful add-on tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management system (D365 SCM). Developed in collaboration with our end-user customers, the Package helps to build optimal routes for delivery of goods, greatly simplifies transport route planning and assists in optimizing complex delivery networks.

The multiple benefits from using the Package include, among others, considerable reduction in vehicle route planning time and lower operating costs as companies can achieve reduction in mileage, driving time and the number of vehicles used.

Interested to see the Package in action and understand what impact it will have on your business?

If so, you can book with us an advanced demo presentation. This is a free-of-charge 2-hour session that will be conducted remotely by our product managers and senior consultants skilled in the Transportation Management module of D365 SCM.

Why do we call it ‘advanced’? Prior to the demo, our specialists will gather some necessary information about your current system and processes and then use this data to create scenarios where our Package is used to solve challenges specific to your business. This will make the whole presentation exclusive to your company and super tailored to your needs.

During the demo, you will also get expert analysis of transportation processes set-up in your current D365 SCM environment, as well as recommendations and directions for improving efficiency.


  • You must be on Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management
  • Introduction call and/or questionnaire to understand your current system and processes

Agenda (2 Hrs)

  • Get familiar with the [ICS] Transportation Package and its solutions
  • Explore how [ICS] Transportation Package solutions can be applied to optimize your logistics processes
  • Live demo presentation of the Transportation Package’s core features (optimal route building, delivery network optimization, visualization functionality, etc.) with a configuration as close as possible to your company’s business

If you are interested in the demo, please book your session by filling in the form below or simply email us at: vip@ic-service.by.

To learn more about [ICS] Transportation Package, please visit the dedicated section of our website.

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