[ICS] Transportation Package – New Version Release

Here's some long-awaited news! We are proud to announce the release of an updated and greatly improved version of our [ICS] Transportation Package.

JUNE 08, 2023 – Three years ago, in June 2020, we officially released our first add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM – [ICS] Transportation Package. Since then, it has become an invaluable tool for companies looking to optimize their delivery networks and build stronger supply chains for the future. At the same time, our Product team has been actively working on improving its features and adding new useful capabilities.

And today, we are delighted to announce the release of an updated version of our Transportation Package. So, what’s new in this second release?

Here’s an overview of some key improvements:

► The Package has been updated to the most recent version of MS Dynamics 365 SCM system (PU57).

► The functionality of the solutions from the first release has been further improved.

► A host of brand-new features has been added:

  • Implemented a new ‘Normalized Quantity’ load building strategy. This strategy calculates the number of pallets for shipments according to the rules for converting units of measurement, while the calculation of loads is performed using vehicle routing algorithms with two cargo parameters: the number and weight of pallets.
  • Ability to perform vehicle assignment on Gantt chart for multiple selected loads.

  • Calculation of the optimal delivery route, taking into account the time intervals for the delivery to customers.

  • Ability to change the delivery date in those orders for which it’s not possible to plan loads.

  • Creation of milkrun routes and calculation of loads on such routes.

This release comes at a critical time when businesses of all sizes are seeking new ways of making their supply chains more efficient, agile and resilient to sudden changes in demand. And our team believes this is exactly where the improved version of [ICS] Transportation Package can make a big impact.

What is [ICS] Transportation Package?

[ICS] Transportation Package is a suite of powerful add-on tools which simplify transport route planning and assist with delivery network optimization. It enhances the standard functionality of the Transportation Management (TMS) module of Dynamics 365 SCM and is designed to help your business thrive with its easy-to-use, yet rich functionality.

Developed in close collaboration with ICS clients in the logistics and manufacturing industries, this solution addresses some common challenges that businesses in these sectors face in their daily operations. It supports integration with popular mapping platforms (OSRM, Mapbox and HERE) and allows the user to:

  • Build in real time optimal delivery routes and perform their visual analysis;
  • Plan cargo trips for a large number of orders for delivery by vehicles with different carrying capacities; and
  • Plan and optimize transportation routes in a multi-echelon (multi-tier) delivery network.

There is also a mobile app for drivers that can be used together with the Package. It allows them to view the planned routes, access full cargo details, build delivery routes in an external GPS navigation system and regularly update the office and the customer on the status of delivery.

Some of the typical benefits from using the Package include:

  • Considerable reduction in route planning time;
  • Greatly simplified overall workflow;
  • Decreased operating costs through reduction in mileage, driving time and the number of vehicles used (and/or driver shifts);
  • Improved customer service.

The Package is primarily intended for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and logistics services providers, but it can prove to be very useful to any company that operates a complex transportation network and is faced with a challenge of its optimization to reduce total delivery costs and provide better customer service.

To learn more about [ICS] Transportation Package, explore its features and book your live demo, please visit this section of our website. Or simply email us at: vip@ic-service.net.