[ICS] Warehouse Package – Official Release

It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here! We are proud to announce the official release of our second suite of solutions – [ICS] Warehouse Package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

JULY 6, 2023 – We are excited and proud to announce the official release of our second suite of Dynamics add-on solutions – [ICS] Warehouse Package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (D365 SCM)!

This release comes at a time when supply chain agility and resilience have become the focus of every business. In today's highly competitive and fast-paced market, if even one element of a supply chain is disrupted, companies will lose money, frustrate customers and threaten their reputation. With warehouses being one of the key elements in the supply chain, efficient use of ERP software to streamline warehouse operations can make a huge difference to a business’s bottom line. And this is exactly where [ICS] Warehouse Package fits in.

Over the years, ICS team has amassed a wealth of experience in ERP implementations and customizations for numerous customers in the logistics and manufacturing industries. Through collaboration with these end-user companies, we have identified some key common challenges that businesses in these sectors face in their daily operations.

One of the outcomes of this work is our [ICS] Warehouse Package that was developed to expand and enhance the standard functionality of the Warehouse Management (WMS) module of D365 SCM. It combines intelligent mathematical algorithms with a user-friendly interface and allows companies to apply the most efficient ways to load their vehicles and handle inventory.

The Package is intended for companies – manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and others – that manage complex logistic networks and are faced with a challenge of improving efficiency of their warehouse operations and providing better customer service.

[ICS] Warehouse Package allows to achieve this objective in an easy-to-use yet flexible, functional way. It seamlessly integrates into the D365SCM environment and further extends its functionality with some unique features and tools. In particular, the solutions included in the Package help the user with the following:

Vehicle Loading Solution
This solution solves the problem of loading a cargo vehicle with boxes/pallets in the most optimal way while meeting various restrictions that may exist. To achieve this, different “loading strategies” are created in the system using a combination of various mathematical methods for loading and a list of permissible loading restrictions. The user can try several strategies and choose the most suitable one.

Pallet Assembling Solution
This solution takes into account the dimensions of client’s goods and proposes the most optimal way to palletize them, so that the largest number of goods can be fitted into the dimensions of a pallet. As part of the solution, a 3D interface was developed that allows the user to visualize the assembling of pallets.

Warehouse Facilities Solution
This solution provides tools for optimizing warehouse operations planning and for calculating warehouse utilization. It helps companies manage incomings and outgoings, inventory and manpower more efficiently to significantly improve the accuracy of warehouse capacity and warehouse utilization calculations, so that warehouse space can be used much more efficiently.

Some typical benefits that companies can achieve by implementing [ICS] Warehouse Package include:

  • Increased efficiency of vehicle loading and vehicle utilization;
  • Increased speed of executing warehouse operations;
  • Increased efficiency of warehouse space utilization;
  • Real-time availability of accurate warehouse information;
  • Greatly simplified overall workflow;
  • Decreased shipping and operating costs;
  • Improved level of customer service.

Over the next few years, the development of new digital business models that support real-time planning and visibility, as well as agile supply chain execution capabilities will be the key to meeting the needs of the evolving consumer landscape. In these realities, [ICS] Warehouse Package will be invaluable to companies seeking to deliver an elevated customer experience, improve their bottom line, and build stronger supply chains for the future.

To learn more about [ICS] Warehouse Package, explore its features and book your live demo, please visit this section of our website. Or simply email us at: vip@ic-service.net.