Industry Consulting Service Named as Leader

Business insight firm Clutch has named ICS as one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Lithuania.

JUN 29, 2018 — Trust, quality, and transparency epitomize the heart of Industry Consulting Service (ICS). Through our experience and knowledge, ICS strives to always provide tailored ERP guidance and solutions to our clients as a trusted, transparent development and consulting partner. It is this professional, individualized approach of ours that has garnered us recognition from business insight firm Clutch: Industry Consulting Service has been named one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Lithuania.

This acclaim as one of the industry leaders throughout Lithuania testifies to the strength of our services and solutions and to how ICS has consistently showcased our ability to deliver. Clutch scores companies based on market presence, demonstrated experience, customer feedback, and other qualitative and quantitative criteria, so Clutch’s extensive business evaluation validates the all-around strong performance, client service, and quality that ICS exhibits both individually and throughout the IT industry.

As our clients have noted, our communication, reliability, and professionalism have made us a particularly valuable partner for whatever your business needs and goals may be, whether that includes software development, ERP consulting, or anything in between.

“ICS has been trustworthy and fully understood our targets and business needs… Our communication was clear and quick, so we had no misunderstandings. They never forgot tasks, kept in touch via email and Skype, and managed the project well. We achieved great results together,” shared one client. “Industry Consulting Service’s prompt communication, transparent project management, and reasonable price point contributed to a rewarding engagement.”

“They kept all of our deadlines, the quality was excellent, and their readiness to react in the face of new requirements or unexpected issues was instantaneous. Their reliability, flexibility, high quality, and professionalism stood out to us. This clearly describes why we’ve been working with them for years,” echoed a second client. “ICS managed the project flexibly, effectively incorporating new requirements and adapting to roadblocks, all while maintaining top-level quality. Reliability and professionalism are highmarks of their service.

Industry Consulting Service is very grateful for the acknowledgments from Clutch and our clients of the caliber of our products, service, and general operations. ICS is very proud to have a team full of committed professionals, and we value each client and project opportunity for the chance to share our knowledge and expertise with other businesses. We welcome you to contact us if you are interested in hearing more about our approach or experience, and we look forward to pursuing new collaborations in the future!