[ICS] Supply Chain Execution Package

Inventory accuracy and customer satisfaction go hand in hand as shortages of goods or excess inventory buildup can both lead to problems throughout the supply chain and ultimately result in poor customer service. Our Supply Chain Execution Package helps you tighten inventory control with its advanced forecasting functionality and prediction tools.

One of the major success factors for most organizations is maintaining appropriate levels of stock. Having just the right amount of inventory optimizes warehouse storage, improves efficiencies of processes and workflows, and maximizes delivery performance. In light of this, gaining accurate insights into future demand fluctuations to ensure effective inventory management becomes vital for business growth and success.

[ICS] Supply Chain Execution Package uses advanced AI and data science techniques to help warehouse managers predict and effectively respond to changes in demand and assist them with stock level forecasting.

The Package is currently in development, so if you want to learn more
about its future features, please contact us. We are also open to suggestions and ideas in case you are a Dynamics ERP end-user and would like to see certain functionality to be included in the final product.

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