Quick Start

Did you need your solution yesterday? ICS can help. We offer a quick and convenient, but also very efficient process to solve your ERP problems. Just 4 simple steps – and we are already working on the solution you require for your business success.

Step 1: Service selection

ICS offers its partners a wide range of services – from business and technical consulting, requirements definition and analysis, and systems design to professional development of ERP solutions. To get acquainted with offered services in more detail, please click here. Once you have formulated your requirements, we will offer you an appropriate model for our cooperation.

Step 2: Non-disclosure agreement

An essential step for us is signing an NDA agreement. By doing so, we give a guarantee to our partners that the highest level of confidentiality will be provided and that business information will not be disclosed to any third party.

Step 3: Test period

The test period assumes that the ICS team will perform a number of business tasks absolutely free of charge. Such "test mode" will help a potential partner evaluate our services and make a decision on further cooperation.

Step 4: Work contract

The signing of an Agreement of Cooperation between you and ICS is a legal backing, and it finally confirms our partnership relations. You can be sure that ICS will fulfill all undertaken obligations and will do everything possible to ensure the success of your project.